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Vol. "Muslim life circumstances living in Japan" - choice and Hen Middle East or area called West Asia, Arab countries and (Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt) as a main, including some of the non-Arab countries of the (Turkey, Israel, Iran). The current religious situation, many of the Arab countries as a state religion Islam, the majority of the residents are Muslim. However Christians In Lebanon (mainly Maronite) reached about half of the population, also Coptic Christians over the entire region, Syria Orthodox, Nestorian Muslim, Armenian faction Muslim, Greek Orthodox, interspersed Christians such as Roman Catholic. In non-Arab countries, but Turkey has performed the separation of church and state, Muslims are still quite a lot, Israel Jews accounted for the majority, Shiite Muslim (Islam) is large in Iran. Over the centuries from these regions century, it was greatly Islam as a result of Muhammad's appearance and Islamic conquest. Earlier of the Near East is commonly referred to in the name of the Orient. Judaism and its branches and is Christianity, before the advent of such as Islam, in the area had been carried out polytheism.

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