Halal correspondence of Japanese food as well !! trip designer Tokyo ...

Vol. "Muslim life circumstances living in Japan" - choice and Hen Halal in the corresponding of Japanese food, the time of prayer. Muslim-friendly Tokyo tour Tokyo, Japan city of visiting the most a lot of travelers from overseas. Asakusa and Shibuya, such as Harajuku, is a wide range of experience can be a popular spot of traditional and modern culture. The start of the journey, the tradition of the city Asakusa. First in Asakusa Culture and Tourism Center, describes the tourist spots to visit on the day. On this day, along with the S's Muslims in France come from, and Tour of the attractions such as Asakusa and Harajuku. Guide is also rich in the Tokyo tourist experience, it is Ayako Furuya. There are entrance miniature model of close to Asakusa in the city of F, it is good to be able to image the place actually go. Overlooks the town of Asakusa, such as Sky Tree from the observation deck of the F. The next destination is the Senso-ji Temple. [Asakusa] Shopping and Japanese cultural experience in the Senso-ji Temple Then we head to the Senso-ji Temple.

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