Choice of day times is fatten the children of Saudi

Vol. "Muslim life circumstances living in Japan" - choice and Hen Choice of day times is fatten the children of Saudi Expatriate posts once yearn if business people. Wife to be entrained to them also, people tend seen in the envy of the eyes from the woman. But, its Naijitsu? Fed up with the hierarchy structure and troublesome relationship between expatriate wife. And exhausted can not adapt to the local customs, it seems hard that it can not be said there is plenty to people. In this series, the world of which we can not be know to ask than from Japan [Chu wife] active duty of expatriate wives go revealed. This is the [Saudi Arabia expatriate wife] ed. That the author was first and foremost to come to Saudi Arabia. It was able to download the app called [player time] in the smartphone. This app will tell a different Muslim worship start time by day and location, a very useful thing. Can have anywhere in the world, you know the time of choice in Koretsu. [Choice (worship)] for the Muslims precious time to interact with God (Allah), is a right is a duty.

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