Pope, conflict complained of the Middle East [the demilitarization ...

Vol. "Muslim life circumstances living in Japan" - choice and Hen Pope Francisco the day, in his speech at the inter-religious meeting in Abu Dhabi visited the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to mention such as the Yemen civil war that Middle Eastern countries are involved [dispute except misery, nothing produced not] and he complained of early termination as possible. Day, United Arab Emirates Pope Francisco to address at a meeting between the open religion in Abu Dhabi (UAE) (AP) The pope, as a country that is particularly speculating thoughts, Yemen In addition to Syria and Libya, like Iraq [demilitarization of the human mind] has stressed the need. Leaders of all religions was pointed out that there is [a duty to reject the war]. At the meeting, also addressed the leaders Taib teacher of Islam Sunni highest authority institution Al-Azhar in Cairo, called for harmony with Christianity to the Muslims. Pope and the Taib nurse after the speech, to strengthen interreligious dialogue, signed a memorandum of understanding that was to respect each other. Pope to stay up to two days in Abu Dhabi, also plans to carry out large-scale open-air Mass.

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