[Thorough explanation] Detailed Description of the worship of the Muslim

Vol. "Muslim life circumstances living in Japan" - choice and Hen Worship of Muslims. That time? How to do? I determined to place there? [Muslims, also would are you worship times a day? seems hard! ] Everyone will think so. I also once had thought so. Worship the obligation of Muslims. Make day times. To any time, whether they worship to any wind? Or location and determined in such way there is given? We will introduce the point of the worship of the Muslim]. table of contents Why worship? Time of worship? What is in worship do? Day times also is hard to worship? Worship must be done in the mosque? Direction of Mecca is how know? Worship at the mosque gender The most important [the day of worship Friday] Summary Why worship? Why would you worship times a day? In scripture Koran of the Muslims, because they are ordered to worship to believers. Defend the ministry of [worship. Certainly we worship, I was ordered on time towards the believers. ] ([Koran] Section 0 Section) Time of worship? Worship times on the day, before dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset, done in the evening.