Day experience! Islamic world - that do not know us

Vol. "Muslim life circumstances living in Japan" - choice and Hen - Ramadan Date (fasting) experience! Islamic world - that do not know us The authors also as different from each, only has a unique culture. Ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games two years later, now see a lot of foreign tourists also in Hiroshima live in the authors. Those who wear hijab (the scarf towards the Muslim women wear) is also now often see. Following the Christian, Muslim believers are often the second most in the world. Ramadan that people who believe in Islam is to cherish. Fasting in Japan, or will not there is an image. The third time in this class this year. Along with the Muslim people in the month of Ramadan we will together meal after sunset the (Iftar). Location is always, Hiroshima Islamic Cultural Center. Teacher is familiar, is from Syria B's. First of all, I was taught the Islam of that in Japan from B's. The came in Islam in Japan, 0-00 years ago. The oldest mosque extant in Kobe in Japan. Muslims currently in Japan about 00,000 people. The inner 90 percent are international students.

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