Buddhist meditation in the choice of the room] of Islam

Vol. "Muslim life circumstances living in Japan" - choice and Hen Buddhist meditation in the choice of the room] of Islam In Johor Kotatingi Muslims for prayers of the room which is provided in the resort (Slough = Surau), it has become a big problem that Buddhist group came from Singapore was meditation. The incident happened in the distant 0 kilometers from Kotatingi [Tanjung Stella Resort] (Tanjung Sutera Resort), Buddhist group was meditation here Slough. Local police station month, as was insulted Islam to use the Slough to non-Muslims, arrested a Singaporean of the resort owners with a Malaysian permanent resident (), detention until the day is allowed. Chance of arrest is, that the image obtained by photographing a state of meditation of the same group to YouTube flows to 0 days. Images that are meditating seen clearly Slough has been projected. Bonus to, the title is there and [(Slough has been converted into a Buddhist temple in Johor)], seems to have bought the anger of the authorities. Province of Calais de Nord Dinh province Prime Minister in this in even state of angry, an act that should not be [.

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